IMPROVE JEE PERCENTILE (100% effective tricks)

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

April 22, 2021 Hey there, struggling to get a good JEEpercentile? Well , now with these effective tricks that I have myself practiced and suggested by many toppers you are definitely going to improve the very next attempt, these are not new but something that we don't pay heed to or think are useless, so hold on and read carefully. As, we know JEE 2021 has four attempts out of which most of you have already given twice or atleast once and many of you might be preparing for the third and fourth attempt so first of all leave the disappointment that you got from the previous attempts. Forget what could have been done, and think what positive differences you can make now in the future attempts . Some information regarding jee2021: >JEE 2021 is a computer based test . > First two attempts out of four have been conducted successfully first one in the month of Feb and second in March. > The remaining two attempts were planned for April and May but due to rising COVID19 cases it has been postponed and the new dates will be announced by the NTA . > From this year the no. questions in each subject i.e. physics, chemistry and maths we have 30 questions for each out of which only 25 are to be attempted , 20 questions are MCQs and 10 are numerical type and we get choice in numerical type questions to attempt any 5 . IMPORTANT PREPARATION TIPS AND TRICKS TO BOOST SCORE: First we have three categories on the basis of percentile i) less than 50%ile ii) 50 to 70%ile iii) 70 to 90%ile If you fall under any of these categories then following are the tricks you should work on #1 Practice all the sets of question paper of 2020 or 2019 By practice I mean you should learn the concepts and ideas that are applied in each and every question of every subject , even if you don't remember the chapter well . >In mathematics , no. of concepts are limited what you should know is how to apply them and by practicing all the sets of previous year you can have a firm grip over maths as the questions revolve around these ideas only and some questions are fixed to repeat obviously with different values and a little bit variation. But you should practice all the sets of maths paper thrice(atleast twice) then only you would be able to solve the similar question in exam and 12-15 questions are atleast there which can be solved by previous year knowledge you just need to search it. You should buy a book with chapterwise previous year questions with solutions: personally i prefer cengage, but it is unavailable online following is the link for another : >The same goes for physics learn the concept from questions , but in physics revising formulae is equally important because many formula based questions come directly . >In chemistry the organic part is conceptual especially GOC which if understood once can give you marks hundred times , rest many chapters are theory based ,the amount of data you can retain till the time you are giving exam is the thing that will make your marks , but many numericals of physical chemistry come easy , give your time to that part of chemistry which is strong and whenever you get time , ncert is must for chemistry. #2 Give mock tests as much as possible and give a careful analysis Yes you heard it right, it is equally important to test your knowledge at equal intervals of time as, if you will not give any mock then your brain will not have practice of giving exam and finally the main exam will become a mock . As exam stress and time management will not be manageable because these things come by time. Moreover your body will get tired within 2 hour if you have not given enough sitting , and as you get your admit card , regularly give a mock test at the same exam time to set your body clock. Moreover you will get to know about your mistakes and have a chance to improve it. #3 Cover easy chapters first Easy chapters also make a good percentage of jee syllabus and it requires less time and efforts to have a firm grip. But as we cover these chapters we not only secure some marks but also boost our confidence . So these were some important tricks [the most important and effective is the first one] which should be followed by the students who have scored a very less percentile even if its below 50 or around 70 by doing this much, anyone can go above 90%ile just study daily religiously fix daily targets that are achievable , strengthen your concepts , revision is must fix some time for revision. You can also join this telegram group for maths' doubts: Hope this will help you, next post coming on important topics along with proof of questions from those topics asked in previous year, Follow for an update STAY HEALTHY STAY SAFE , KEEP STUDYING TEAM MATHSLOYAL

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